How to Use Vileda Steam Mop
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How to Use Vileda Steam Mop

Updated: August 7, 2020

Simple, efficient, and easy-to-use, it doesn’t take much to learn how to use a Vileda Steam mop.

The Vileda Steam mop is a simple steam mop that is perfect for anyone looking to clean hard floors.

Beginners opt for products that are not too technical, easy to understand and use, and easy on the pocket. The Vileda Steam mop is all of that and more!

Mopping is a tiring and sometimes disgusting chore. The Vileda Steam mop makes mopping easy, clean, and less time-consuming. With just a few strokes, you will have fresh, sparkling floors.

Thanks to this mop you don’t have to bend down or get your hands dirty. The Vileda Steam mop makes mopping an easy and straightforward task.

What Is a Steam Mop?

A steam mop is a cleaning tool that uses steam to clean floors and carpets. Unlike regular mops, steam mops do not require detergent or bleach for cleaning and disinfection.

A steam mop is a convenient and super helpful cleaning tool, but how you use it makes a massive difference. Although it is an innovative floor mop that mops floors quickly, it does need some prep work.

With a steam mop, you don’t have to worry about carrying around a bucket of water, a mop, and detergents because, with one device, you can get clean floors with ease.

The Vileda Steam Mop

The Vileda Steam mop is one of the simplest of all steam mops available in the market today. If you are a beginner with little to no experience of using steam mops, this mop is the ideal choice for you.

It is an extremely cheap steam cleaner, which is perfect for you if you are looking for a steam cleaner that does not cost you an arm and a leg.

The Vileda Steam mop is a standard steam mop. Unlike other, more expensive packages that come with numerous accessories and tools to make the appliance multi-purpose, the Vileda Steam mop is simply a steam mop and nothing else.

Basic hard floor cleaning needs were the primary focus when designing this product. It serves one purpose, and it serves it well.

It has a slim profile and can stand upright without any support. This feature makes its storage in a tall cupboard extremely easy. Other steam mops need a wall bracket to stay upright.

The Vileda Steam mop does not have a series of buttons that may confuse you. The fewer buttons and simple interface of this mop make it suitable for all those who are new to steam mop cleaners.

Its water tank has a capacity of 0.4 liters, which lets you use the mop for a long time (up to 30 minutes). Moreover, it heats up quickly – in just 15 seconds!

The Vileda Steam mop uses a microfiber pad to clean the floors and remove dust and bacteria. With this steam mop, you not only get rid of dirt but also 99% of bacteria and germs as well.

It gives you clean floors and takes care of your hygiene, too. Other reliable mopping tools from Vileda include the Vileda Spray mop, which comes with its own set of pros and cons.

How to Use a Vileda Steam Mop

If you are planning on buying a Vileda mop, you may want to understand how it works before you spend your money on it. As mentioned earlier, the Vileda Steam mop is super easy to use.

Assembling the Vileda Steam Mop

The Vileda mop set comes with the following:

  • 3 sections of the mop,
  • 2 mop heads,
  • 1 attachment accessory for refreshing carpets,
  • 1 plastic jug.

The three separate sections of the steam mop are easy to assemble. The package comes with a Vileda mop how to use instruction manual that demonstrates each step with pictures. You don’t need any tools for the assembly.

A clicking sound happens when the Vileda mop handle is correctly attached to the body. Moreover, you need to click the cleaning frame in place on the base of the mop.

The cleaning head is triangular – the mopping cloth is attached to the triangular mop head using Velcro. The mopping cloth can be easily detached from the head and washed in a washing machine.

The handle is lightweight, which makes attaching and detaching it from the main steamer body easy. Once you finish the mopping, you can remove the cleaning pads for washing.

The Vileda mop head removal is quite easy. After you mop, disassemble each section of the steam mop for storage.

Operating the Vileda Steam Mop

Operating the Vileda Steam mop is super convenient and quick. Follow these simple and straightforward steps.

  • The steam mop cleans with the help of steam. Therefore, the first thing you have to do before you use the Vileda Steam mop is fill up its water tank (up to 400ml).
  • The cap of the water tank has to be opened counterclockwise. Using a plastic jug, fill up the water tank with up to 400ml of water.
  • Switch the Vileda Steam mop on using the power button.
  • When a light situated at the top comes on, it means that the steam mop is ready to be used. This process takes about 15 seconds.
  • The steam mop can be used for about 30 minutes with 400ml of water.

Controlling the Vileda Steam Mop

Although you cannot control the steam flow, the power of the steam flow that is released can be controlled, depending upon the type of floor you clean. The Vileda Steam mop comes with two options – MIN and MAX.

The MIN setting makes it the best steam mop for laminate floors and wood while the MAX setting makes it the best steam mop for tile and vinyl floors.

Refreshing Carpets with the Vileda Steam Mop

The Vileda Steam mop refreshes your dull carpets as well. The carpet glider is attached to the base of the microfiber pad. With just a little extra force when working on carpets, you get carpets that look fresh and new!

The Vileda Steam mop does not thoroughly clean the carpet as no water sinks into the carpet fibers. It only refreshes it and makes it look fresh and bright.

Also, the steam released from the mop will help get rid of bacteria and germs in the carpet. With the Vileda Steam mop, you can rest assured that your carpets are not housing any dangerous organisms.

Control Buttons

When we say that the Vileda Steam mop is one of the easiest steam mops to use, we mean it. The controls are easy to understand and use.

There is a power button, a green light that lights up when the mop is switched on, a red light that flashes when you need to refill the water tank, and a dial for the power setting (MIN or MAX).

Heating Mechanism

The heating mechanism of the Vileda Steam mop makes it a safe cleaning tool. The water is heated on-demand, which means that the amount of water heated depends on the power mode selected (MIN or MAX).

If you happen to open the water tank while the steam mop is switched on, you won’t encounter a jet of hot steam. The tank stores regular temperature water that it heats only on demand.

However, the mop does get quite warm if switched on and left for a long time. In such cases, you should be careful around the heater and the tank.

One of the problems of the Vileda Steam mop is that you can’t control the flow of steam. You can’t stop the flow even when the steam mop is turned off. It stops only after the mop has cooled down.

Cleaning Performance

Although the Vileda Steam mop is not multi-purpose like many of its competitors, it is exceptionally good at what it does, that is, cleaning floors.

It is capable of removing tough stains with the help of the steady flow of steam that it produces. Mopping hard floors with the Vileda Steam mop does not require the user to put in any extra force.

Extra force is only needed when you are refreshing your carpets. The energy is required to overcome the friction that the carpet generates.

The Vileda Steam mop works exceptionally well for soft liquid spills and stains. The triangular shape of the mop head also provides an added benefit. It can easily clean any corner stains. That allows for complete cleaning of the floor.

Using a Vileda Steam Mop on Different Surfaces

Different amounts of steam are necessary for different surfaces. Too much steam can damage some floors. That’s the reason why the Vileda Steam mop comes with a variety of settings for the power.

As mentioned earlier, the steam mop has two settings, which are MIN and MAX. The power of steam on the MIN setting is quite low, which is suitable for soft stains on surfaces like wood and laminate floors.

The power of the steam at the MAX setting is perfect for removing stains from hard floors like tile and vinyl. The strength required depends on the type of surface you’re cleaning.

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